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Killing Arabs is Good for Them

Millions of casualties were worth it because kids aren’t throwing stones at Americans and because attacks on US troops are down? We invaded Iraq so that Iraqi kids wouldn’t throw stones at Americans? As you might expect, it only gets worse.

Following the well-worn tactic of allowing a “skeptic” to speak, Londono quotes Spec. Lorenzo Sanchez, who after three tours in Iraq is starting to get it. Nonetheless his comments are even more revealing than he may realize. First we are told:

“We’re sitting here in the middle of a little revolution between Iraqis, and we’re sitting here being security guards,” said Spec. Lorenzo Sanchez, 34, of West Covina, Calif. “We should let them do their thing and get out of their way.”

So far, so good. Sanchez has come to the same conclusion in 2009 that many readers of Mantiq al-Tayr came to before the invasion of this country that had not attacked us.