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Iraq Inquiry bombshell: Secret letter to reveal new Blair war lies

An explosive secret letter that exposes how Tony Blair lied over the legality of the Iraq War can be revealed.

The Chilcot Inquiry into the war will interrogate the former Prime Minister over the devastating 'smoking gun' memo, which warned him in the starkest terms the war was illegal.

The Mail on Sunday can disclose that Attorney General Lord Goldsmith wrote the letter to Mr Blair in July 2002 - a full eight months before the war - telling him that deposing Saddam Hussein was a blatant breach of international law.

It was intended to make Mr Blair call off the invasion, but he ignored it. Instead, a panicking Mr Blair issued instructions to gag Lord Goldsmith, banned him from attending Cabinet meetings and ordered a cover-up to stop the public finding out

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Blair and his bloody-handed US compatriots, that vile and unholy trinity of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, should be tried and convicted for war crimes; unfortunately, given current circumstances, that will only happen when pigs fly.

The question is, what has the acceptance, tacit or enthusiastic, of these immoral and illegal wars without end done to the moral character of the American and British people?

By supporting these wars, or not having the courage to fight against them by whatever peaceful means necessary, both societies has lost the ability to ever call themselves a moral, courageous people again.

We will collectively have to live with that stain on our consciences, unless and until all the rogues in power who sold these wars on a pack of lies, are brought to justice, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to insure that this madness, and the devastation it has wreaked, will never happen again.