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Report: Russia vows quick completion of Iran atom plant

Russia said in mid-November that technical issues would prevent its engineers from starting up the reactor at Bushehr by the end of the year as previously planned.

Moscow, which is under Western pressure to distance itself from Tehran over its nuclear activities, stressed at the time that politics had nothing to do with the decision.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The "window" in which the Israeli military might think it could launch an attack against Iran would be before Russian engineers start up the reactor, and before Russia delivers their S-300 anti-aircraft system. As reported on Friday, 27 Nov at:

"Russia 'will' deliver S-300 to Iran in 2 months"

""The delivery deadline has already passed, but the Russian side has cited technical problems which it said it was working on to fix," Sajjadi added. "We feel that this question will be resolved within one to two months.

If there is going to be an attack against Iran, look for an immediate, massive build-up by corporate media here and abroad to demonize Iran in any way they think they can, starting this next week.

And if Israel attacks, you can bet one worthless US dollar that the US will be dragged into the fray somehow.