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Mr. Paulson, Can you spare.a minute?

Pain -- like how they will be saddled with a new debt of over $2,100 per person, from a population in the USA of about 303 million. And while many of the youngsters dont understand it all, they do see the pain in their parents.

You know, the flashing eyes, the foot stomping, a few remembering that movie, Network where Peter Finch in that starring role bellowed out, Im mad as Hell and Im not going to take it no more! and feeling the same way.

Many People are on the ropes so to speak, Hank, just trying to make that next mortgage payment, cutting back on groceries for the family, running a little late on the phone bill, or the electric company, and hoping the water company wont shut the spigot off for being 10 days late, and then have to face a late fee and a reconnect charge.

Now I know it must be hard for you to feel their pain , Hank, for after-all you did manage to receive a bit over $50 million for your short tenure less than 2 years when you left Goldman Sachs as the CEO to become the top Treasury guy.

But maybe you can try, huh? I mean, imagine if you can, what it must be like earning a paltry weekly salary, like a close by neighbor named Ernest, with a wife and three kids who got laid off from his regular skilled job because his company sent the factory to another country, and now has to work for minimum wage at a well-known local home builders and supply retail store. And, hoping he will not get the pink slip there any day now also.