Troops Trickle in as West Prepares for Libya War | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Troops Trickle in as West Prepares for Libya War

Last week, major French newspaper Le Monde reported that the French government is engaged in a “secret war” in Libya, and has deployed special forces already. The Pentagon has also talked about its own presence in Libya, and Britain is understood to have some special forces there as well.

The numbers keep growing, and other assets for a Western war in Libya, which officials have been publicly championing for months, are being moved into place. It’s only a matter of time until the “secret war” becomes a public one, but how long?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The short answer, at least from the US government, is that it will go into Libya just as quickly as it can, planning to justify such an incursion to the American people afterward.

This is about making sure that Libya's oil is only sold in American dollars, and controlled by American-majority held corporations.