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Q & A Blame game over record US deficit set to intensiify

Democrats and Republicans will do their best to minimize their contact with this political hot potato, so they don't get burned in the high-stakes November elections, which could potentially alter the balance of power on Capitol Hill.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to the Democratic and Republican parties: the anger working, taxpaying Americans are experiencing will manifest itself very intensely in the next congressional elections, and no one will be immune. Anti-incumbency sentiment will be at an historical high.

But since both parties have morphed into the War Party, from which so many in congress profit so handsomely, you have no ones to blame but yourselves.

I would like to suggest to you that, instead of continuing to vote this country bankrupt, with billions of bucks spent for these wars without end for resources over which other hapless world residents are sitting, that you try a different tack.

It's called negotiation.

Russia and China have been cleaning the US's clock over the last several years, brokering high profile, win/win deals for oil and natural gas.

We've been waging wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to achieve the same outcome.

What's wrong with this picture, ladies and gentlemen of the US congress?!?