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Holocaust scholars slam EU for backing Nazi-Communist comparison

Leading Holocaust researchers have criticized European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek ahead of his speech at Auschwitz Tuesday, for endorsing the equalization of the Nazi genocide with Communist brutal oppression.

Some scholars call this growing trend "the gravest threat to preserving the memory of the Holocaust," suggesting it serves to exculpate populations complicit in the extermination of their Jewish minorities.

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"The Holocaust is ours! We trademarked it! We own it. Nobody can have another. This is the biggest, the best. The brightest! And we're going to soak the wor4lod with it for the next Thousand years!!! BWAHHH HA HA HA HA HA!"


The fact is that the Nazi slave-labor camps were not Jewish-only. The camp inmates also included Poles, Gypsies, gays, mentally retarded, and indeed people from every nation the Nazis conquered. It is a post-war myth that the Nazis were aimed only at the Jewish people. The Nazis were after ANYONE that wasn't Aryan (whatever the hell that meant).

And the reality is that even is we accept the orthodox number of 6 million Jewish victims of the camps (mostly from Typhus epidemics), that is less than half the total number of victims in the camps, and only 10% of the total deaths from WW2.

In contrast, both the Soviet and Chinese purges numbered 20 million each, a number that dwarfs the crimes of the Nazis and puts into sharp focus the desire by Israel for the world to see only Jews as victims, and every other dead body as a distraction.