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The Rising Tide of Internet Censorhsip

The focus is back on Internet censorship this week as a pair of articles from Time Magazine and The New York Times came out almost simultaneously advocating for licences to operate web sites. These articles were skillfully skewered by Paul Joseph Watson as lame attempts to shore up a disintegrating establishment media in the face of a blogosphere that is increasingly replacing them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Copenhagen was the wake up all. The carefully orchestrated and extremely costly PR campaign to create the illusion of a global threat requiring carbon taxes and global government was undone by a network of bloggers operating on spare change found under seat cushions dedicated to getting the truth out.

The world's leaders and con-artists (but I repeat myself) along with the corporate media were apparently still in denial over the dramatic and fundamental change to the flow of information in our civilization, but if they were not worried about losing their ability to lie effectively to the world, they sure as hell are now!

And again, efforts to control who can create a website are similar to efforts over who could legally print and publish books following the invention of movable-type printing. And like those earlier efforts, attempts to control the internet are inevitably doomed to fail if for no other reason than that they are visible to the world.

The fastest way to bring down a dictator is to force them to act like one where everyone can see it!