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Hawaii hotels lost $741M last year

A new report says hotels in Hawaii lost $741 million last year, $1.1 billion since the tourism slump began in 2008.

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My letters to the local papers, still to this date unprinted.

(Posted to the internet at whatreallyhappened.com, along with whether or not it is published)

For well over a year now I have been writing about how the TSA’s maltreatment of tourists was strangling our state. 10 days ago, Moody’s Hawaii’s bonds as “Negative” due to the drop in tourism revenues. Last week came the announcement that State Tax Refunds may be delayed and that payments to Quest Health Plan may have to be delayed. Today we learn that Hawaii's hotel;s have lost $1.1 billion (with a "b") since the tourism slump began in 2008


The time has come to stop being polite, or more to the point, to stop being “Good little Citizens” and acknowledge what we all know to be the reason for the collapse of our state.

The TSA, proven totally ineffective both by the DHS testing and the recent crotch bomber, gets off by fondling our wives and daughters, dropping our laptops, and now awaits their newest toys which will allow them to see us all totally naked with enough clarity to determine our religion! As a side note, a TSA screener at LAX was just arrested on child porn charges. Naked scans of a film star were passed around at Heathrow Airport last weekend.

Because of this totally ineffective but annoying maltreatment, tourists are avoiding the USA, including Hawaii, opting to spend their tourism dollars in nations with more respect for people. And as a result we have all been forced to watch our beautiful state wither away slowly like a beloved family member dying of cancer.

TSA exists only to trick people into thinking the US Government cares for them while the US Government carries out invasion after invasion, all on false pretenses, in an effort to conquer enough of other people’s oil and mineral wealth (or simply kill those people the US Government owes money to) to get out of the fiscal mess they have created.

History reveals the plan.

The US Government got out of the crash of 1907 with WWI. The US Government got out of the crash of 1929 with WWII. Here we are in the throes of the crash of 2007 and look how hard the US government is trying to start wars everywhere they can.

The US has already invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, and now aims at Iran.

How many wars does the US have to start before it qualifies as a new World War? And having lost our manufacturing power of the last century, and with an economy already in ruins, how can we possibly hope to win one?