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In New Front in the War on Christmas, Liberals Claiming Jesus Never Even Existed

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a “War on Christmas” special air on Fox News, but if they’re searching for material, it’s going to be easy for them this year.

The latest claim? That Jesus never existed at all!

A new article in Big Think claims that more and more, “historians and bloggers alike are questioning whether the actual man called Jesus existed.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Technically, they are correct. Yeshua in English is actually Joshua. The name "Jesus" is an artifact of translating Aramaic into Greek, and then from Greek into Latin.

Joshua was heir to the House of David. His patriarchal lineage is given in the New Testament.

Contrary to the myth crafted at the Council of Nicaea, Joshua's family was quite rich. Joseph is described as a "Man of craft", meaning wise and educated, but this was mistranslated (probably deliberately) into "Carpenter" as the Romans were crafting Christianity to appeal to poor people. But the reality is that Joshua, as heir to the House of David, was well off, allowing him the luxury of education at the temple and travel to Egypt during the "missing" years.

Joshua's wife, Mary Magdalene, was a princess of the House of Benjamin, and their marriage was a dynastic pairing that gave Joshua a legitimate claim to the throne of Judea. His "ministry" was about undermining the power of both the Roman civil authority and the Sanhedrin, which had sided with Roman rule. Relying on the power of myths, Joshua staged events that "proved" he was the promised Messiah, then tried to seize the throne. He failed, and was crucified for treason against Rome.

But crucifixion takes a week, and Joshua was taken down from the cross still alive. The New Testament reports that Pilate wondered why Joshua "died" so quickly but was discouraged from asking questions by his wife, who may have been one of Joshua's many female supporters. Joshua fled to India where he taught a Christian-like religion and lived to a ripe old age. He is buried in Srinagar.

Meanwhile, Joshua's wife, Mary, fled to the Jewish enclave in the South of France, gave birth to their daughter Sarah, and continued the Christian church as Joshua had intended, which eventually gave rise to the Cathars. The family eventually intermarried with the Sicambrian Franks, giving rise to the Merovingian kings.


But crucifixion takes a week


(*so rule out the @$$ whooping Mel Gibson gave the Hollywood rendition , and the hike up the hill , lunking his own cross , without much H2O , where the scourging continued , and dehydration could possibly may have set in , and he fell down , according to rumor , three times , to say nothing of the holiday wreath , made of prickly thorns , digging into his temples and skull , Or are we saying a week after abuse like that , and if he were simply crucified , with rope ties , not 'nailed' , unique in his case , as most reports state , just after using his napkin after the last supper , and donkey ridden up the hill , given a last cigarette , he'd hang there for MORE then a week ? They did make mention of The Mel Gibson @$$ whooping , in the official account , though . Still A Week ?)

His "ministry" was about


His "ministry" was about undermining the power of both the Roman civil authority and the Sanhedrin

(*A Terrorist From The Middle East , by today's standards)

Re: Technically, they are correct.


(*And if it wasn't for the end of the year 'shot in the @$$' , it gives the 'always in a bind' US economy , it would have been banned , in this country , long ago .)

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