U.S. Special Operations Ordered Deadly Afghan Strike | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

U.S. Special Operations Ordered Deadly Afghan Strike

U.S. Special Operations Forces ordered an airstrike that killed at least 27 civilians in southern Afghanistan and the soldiers may not have satisfied rules of engagement designed to avoid the killing of innocents, Afghan and coalition officials said Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The lives and safety of the Afghan people are totally irrelevant to the current military strategy, no matter how cosmetic the language used here about "protecting the Afghan people" is continually repeated, as didGeneral Mc Chrystal said in his televised address.

The desired outcome of "pacifying" the Afghan people until pipelines can be installed here with which to control Eurasian oil for private profit, is still absolutely no where in sight, eight years on.

So, the killing of women, kids, the medically infirm, non-combatants and the elderly will continue to grind on, unabated, until that outcome has been achieved, which may well be never.