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The Unethical Tactics Of The Chemical Industry To Silence The Truth

Hawaii is a hot bed for the research and development of new chemically intensive GMOs and they are a testing ground for many experimental chemicals and crops – it is essentially “ground-zero”. Five of the largest chemical companies are suing the counties of Hawaii to keep their testing secret. Much of the work that Hawaii CFS is doing is focusing on the public health impacts of the pesticides and herbicides used on GMOs, and because of this, they are heavily targeted by the biotech companies who are profiting off of these chemicals and technologies. In 2015, over 100 Monsanto employees crashed a CFS presentation in Hawaii in an attempt to intimidate the presenters. This is how biotech operatives operate, and CFS is very aware of their tactics. The people that work with CFS are very well respected and fearless activists in an increasingly aggressive climate.

I was thrilled I was invited to Hawaii to speak, yet I had no idea the absolute chaos that would ensue when they began promoting the event.

As soon as my upcoming appearance was announced, the biotech industry quickly engaged and astroturfing began on the Hawaii CFS Facebook page. They began receiving hundreds of insulting and inflammatory comments – mainly criticizing me personally, characterizing me as “hilariously uninformed,” “a crazy food blogger,” and telling Hawaii CFS that they promote “pseudoscience” and “fearmongering” for bringing me in to speak.