To any member of President Trump’s inner circle who may visit this page: | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

To any member of President Trump’s inner circle who may visit this page:

President Trump did NOT lose the popular vote. Yes, the approved underground of the Democratic Party could have provoked 3 million plus illegal alien votes in California alone by encouraging illegals (telling them it’s OK) to use the drivers license loophole – where illegal immigrants can easily get a drivers license, and then can vote by showing that drivers license, even though they are not citizens.

And the DMV in California made a decision not to make their database search-able by citizenship. Therefore, there is apparently no way to easily and effectively check if such voters are citizens, or not. (!!!) Then in Democratic controlled counties, or in any county in California, the voter sign-in books could be altered to reflect fraudulent signatures for citizens who did not show up to vote on election day or before, instead of the illegal aliens who actually cast the votes under the criminal guidance of the Democratic party’s underground. (This is why the Democratic Party from top to bottom incredibly opposes picture ID for voters – so their approved underground can get away with such criminal activity.)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Only three Election Vendors “count” 96% of the USA vote. These three mega-election vendors (ES & S, Hart, & Dominion) have been hired by about 3000 of our nation’s 3141 counties – to “count” our votes on their privately owned, secret, easily-rigged (by them) computer programs. (For instance, in Ohio, ES &S, Hart & Dominion count 86 of the state’s 88 counties, the the other two counties processed by Unisys, which the excellent reporter Lynn Landes of The Landes Report says is a front for ES &S. This is the type of thing the coming Vote Fraud Investigation should deal with.