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No Russian Hackers needed: Le Pen could win the French Elections

The French presidential race continues to yield surprises, some of which could very well lead to the untimely death of the European Union. After the triumphant start of the electoral campaign of Emmanuel Macron, a former banker for the Rothschilds and a puppet of the supranational elites, European journalists wrote with pride that the success of anti-establishment politicians, who had won in the UK and US, had finally ended. Journalists crowned Macron’s head in advance and hoisted a winner of the presidential race while various think tanks began writing that Europe is the last bastion of the Soros and Kagan teams, in a sense the last bastion of “true democracy.”

It would seem that only a miracle or another intervention by Russian hackers could stop the inevitable triumph of this French banker, but instead there’s another chance here. Suddenly, it’s been discovered that a portion of French voters still have a sense of dignity which is better not to touch.

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This one is worth reading all the way through. Good analysis of what is happening in Europe and the US!