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Shameless Coalition Propaganda and the War on Yemen

The Wall Street Journal gives the UAE’s ambassador a platform to recite the Saudi-led coalition’s propaganda:

Checking Iranian aggression will not be easy, but the stability of the region depends upon it. Holding the country to its commitments would be an important first step. Rebuilding America’s ties to its traditional partners in the region would be another. So too would be directly confronting Iranian interference in places like Yemen.

The op-ed is typical for a representative of one of the governments currently destroying Yemen: it grossly exaggerates Iran’s role, portrays the coalition as defenders of “stability” when they have been among the worst destabilizers, blames Iran for the humanitarian crisis for which the coalition bears most of the responsibility, and casts Iran’s minimal involvement as “aggression” while whitewashing the coalition’s invasion and bombardment of another country. Most of the ambassador’s claims are false or wildly misleading. Consider this laughable statement:

The effort in Yemen demonstrates that the U.A.E. and other Arab Gulf states are taking the lead to protect not only our own interests, but also American ones.

It is debatable whether the interests of the Gulf states are served by getting bogged down in an ill-advised war they can’t win, but it is certain that U.S. interests have been harmed by their “effort.” Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has been greatly strengthened by the Saudi-led intervention, and the coalition has sometimes made common cause with AQAP. Insofar as the U.S. has any interests at stake there, they are being undermined by a war that gives priority to fighting people that have never been our enemies while allowing hostile groups to flourish. The U.S. has stupidly made itself complicit in their war, but that doesn’t alter the reality that the Saudi-led war has been damaging to U.S. interests, and it is an insulting lie to claim otherwise.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The nearly two-year Saudi War against Yemen happened because the Houthi rebels overthrew the "anointed", western-centric President, Monsour Al Hadi.

And BTW, pop quiz; when Al-Hadi was "elected" as President, how many other names were on the Yemeni ballot?!?


Yemen election: one person; one vote; one candidate

The Saudi government and military have opted for a "scorched earth" policy in their fight against the Houthi rebels, which means infrastructure has been destroyed; schools, hospitals, water treatment plants, and open air market places have all been bombed by the Saudis. Children are being maimed and killed by these airstrikes; additionally, Yemeni children are starving to death, because the Saudi military has blocked all the Yemeni ports, to insure that food cannot get in.

The US government is selling the Saudi military the bombs with which to commit this genocide against the Yemeni people, and providing "bombing targeting".

I would like to politely remind President Trump, as a Christian witness, and Christian Pacifist Activist, that collective punishment, as is being visited upon the the Yemeni people, courtesy of the Saudi Military, is a war crime, and US governmental assistance in this matter makes the US government complicit in war crimes.

And Mr. President, the following graphic and horrific images are the results of these Saudi war crimes, and US government's aiding and abetting them:

Images: wounded and killed Yemeni children, resulting from Saudi air strikes

Images: starving Yemeni children, due to Saudi Yemen port blockade

Yes, Mr. President, these images are terrible; but THIS is what Saudi Arabia is doing to the children of Yemen every day. You're a dad, and a grandfather, so I implore you to understand that slaughtering the children of a taking away that country's future.