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Sweden Muzzles Its Cops to Uphold Political Correctness

After the example of Peter Springare, a Swedish veteran policeman, who rebelled against overwhelming political correctness and the authorities’ ways of hushing up immigrant crime, the Swedish police have been taking steps to uphold law and order in its own ranks and prevent more dissident outbreaks.
A critical opinion piece by Peter Springare, a veteran Swedish policeman who previously made headlines for his angry outburst against political correctness, which in effect covers up immigrant crime, has spurred Dan Eliasson, the chief of the Swedish police, into action. After Springare published his unflattering opinion piece backed by statistics in the local newspaper Nerikes Allehanda, Eliasson responded with a mass mailing to 30,000 police employees, containing rules on how work computers may be used.Peter Springare, who has repeatedly voiced his frustration over the rising level of migrant crime in Sweden, is now being investigated by authorities who claim he had used the police data system “in a wrongful way,” hacking his way into police computers and using police statistics for private purposes, Swedish national broadcaster SVTreported.
In order to prevent fellow police officers from doing as Peter Springare, Eliasson laid down the rules and urged his employees to only use the police database when necessary. Although Police communications manager Mats Nylén specifically told SVT that the letter rather serves a clarification, Eliasson’s discontent with the negative publicity Springare keeps generating for the Swedish police is obvious.
“He is paid to conduct policing, not to debate,” Mats Nylén told SVT, stressing that while Springare is surely covered by the freedom of speech, he may not use the police database for private debate.
On his Facebook page, Springare stressed that he was only sharing his experience of being a police officer and expressing private opinions in a debate, which had arisen after his first Facebook post.Being a rebel in uniform is, indeed, no mean feat. Previously, Springare was charged with inciting racial hatred for merely stressing the need for a more open debate on the sensitive issue of migrant crime, yet was surprisingly cleared of the charges.

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