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The Impacts of Vaccines: Aluminum, Autoimmunity, Autism and Alzheimer’s

There are a number of whistle-blower experts (see below) who are trying to alert doctors, journalists and law-makers to the dangers of Big Pharma’s highly profitable over-vaccination business plan. These out-numbered and silenced whistle-blowers are stepping on some very big toes, namely huge multinational pharmaceutical corporations that have large numbers of clever lawyers, cunning front groups, well-paid lobbyists and control of what gets reported on the mainstream news. That combination can easily destroy the careers of honest altruistic researchers that threaten their financial bottom line – and they have – most dramatically and cruelly in the case of Dr Andrew Wakefield (watch one of his powerful talks on YouTube).

What makes the problem urgent is that the medical establishment is allowing itself to be repeatedly brain-washed by Big Pharma’s criminal smearing of honest whistle-blowing physician-scholars like Wakefield, Suzanne Humphries, Sherri Tenpenny, Russell Blaylock, Diane Harper, Toni Bark and Kelly Brogan – as well as non-physician experts like Stephanie Seneff, Brian Hooker, Barbara Loe-Fischer, Gary Goldman, and Robert Kennedy, Jr. (google each of them before dismissing this column and listen to their testimony which is all over YouTube. One can find everything at one website:

If the medical establishment continues in denial or ignorance about the dangers of vaccines, the financial impact of just three vaccine-induced disorders will not only dramatically increase in incidence and intensity but the escalating multi-billion dollar cost to care for the permanently disabled autistics, the permanently disabled “Alzheimer’s Disease” patients and the “mysterious” autoimmune disorder epidemic will bankrupt the nation (if the Pentagon budgets doesn’t do it first).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you have not seen the film "Vaxxed", I encourage you to buy/rent it, and see it through to the end.

How the CDC "cherry picked" the data on vaccines, and covering up the data about potential danger to children, in the name of pharmaceutical profits, will leave you gobsmacked.

I am sharing our copy this Sunday with a friend at church, who has a precious toddler son I want to see grow up healthily, and make his mark in the world; I know that my friend is going to be very angry at what has been presented to him by his medical practitioner, in terms of the alleged "safety" of the vaccines his son has been given to date.