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Anti-Capitalist Leader: "I Unapologetically Demand Men & White Womxn Pay Me"

Nazly Sobhi Damasio, founder of La Feminista Descolonial, an feminist, anti-colonial, and anti-capitalist platform, demanded this week that men and "white womxn" pay her "because they consume intellectual, emotional & creative labor 24/7 w/o my consent."

Ms. Damasio further argued that she should be able to receieve that money and never be questioned about how she spends it, as that would be "gross, classist and frankly none of your business:"

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Bread, meet circus. Circus, meet bread!




(*unapologetically Ill have you start with the stuff in the kitchen sink . then do some long overdue scouring of the kitchen countertops , and the table , and I think the oven could use some love . Do you know how to use a vacume cleaner ? And dont forget to make the bed , which reminds me the bed linen could use a run through the washer and dryer . Get done quickly , and I bet I can russle up a few more white folks who'd be happy to pay you for your services . Three places a day , could add up to a nice weekly paycheck , AFTER TAXES .
And then you also will be able to buy your own health insurance , and feel that great sensation of independence , the rest of us enjoy .
learn how to place an ad on craigslist , forcryingoutloud !)

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