Mainstream Media in Total Collapse — Paul Craig Roberts | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Mainstream Media in Total Collapse — Paul Craig Roberts

Few any longer believe the “mainstream media,” that is, the presstitutes. This has put them into a panic as the presstitutes lose their value to the ruling elite if the presstitutes cannot control the explanations in order to justify the self-serving agendas of the ruling elite.

To fight back against the alternative media that does tell the truth, a secret group, PropOrNot, as well hidden as an offshore money-laundering operation, published a list of 200 websites accused of being “Russian agents/dupes.”

PropOrNot’s effort to discredit truth-tellers was hurt by the site’s anonymity.

Consequently, the next list appeared on the website of the Harvard University library, where it is attributed to a Melissa Zimdars of whom no one has ever previously heard. The websites on the list are also on the PropOrNot list, but those of us on Zimbars’ list are no longer “Russian agents/dupes,” merely purveyors of “fake news.”

None of my readers agree that I provide fake news. Indeed, when I tried to retire, my readers demanded that I continue providing them with reliable information as they understand that the presstitue media consists of lies.

Now I hear from bloggers in France that the French newspaper Le Monde has posted a list of conspiratorial news sites, and, yes, French sites that translate and post my columns in the French language are on the list.

It appears that the campaign against truth is being extended to the entirety of the American Empire.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Beware of Group Think...


Want to caution everyone... I'm seeing more and more reports that are designed to outrage and divide. Those who suggest that "few" still believe the mainstream media, are living in just as much of a bubble as those that still believe the msm. Living in Seattle, I daily hear from Trump haters that he needs to be impeached and that you'd have to be an insane, racist, homophobic idiot to support him.

Both sides of the argument tune into their media of choice and recieve a 24/7 feedback loop that re-enforces that their side is correct. Very dangerous Group Think taking place here. Sure appears that the PTB have masterfully played the American people with the divide and conquer tactic.

No longer are we focused on the real culprits (the fascist top 1%)... instead the focus is on the blues vs. reds, the blacks vs. whites, the donkeys vs. the elephants, etc.

Are there people from both sides of the debate that no longer trust the msm? Yes. But sadly, it appears to me that the people of this nation are being played into a perfect civil war 2.0 scenario.

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