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New Cold War Lines Are Being Fortified: There Are Interests Behind The Throne That Are Not Controlled By The Trump Administration

For those of you who have completely fallen in line with the thought that President Trump is the panacea to all our problems, it’s advisable that you rethink that stance. Firstly, there are interests behind the throne that are neither controlled by nor parallel to the interests of the administration. Secondly, the “transition period” is not over. It is far from over, and the lines that are developing…both of intra and inter-party dissension domestically…and the “Second Cold War” lines throughout the world…have materialized. They are beginning to solidify, and they are becoming fortified.

Yes, it was mentioned last year that the U.S. was sending troops to Poland and the Baltic States as a “show of support and encouragement.” It was mentioned last year, but it is happening now. A battalion-sized element deployed to Poland this past week. The slow but steady buildup begun with Obama is not being curtailed with this administration. The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is too ensconced within our society and too powerful to sweep under the rug. We already have emplaced missile defense units and equipment in Romania. Last week Montenegro was officially “welcomed” into NATO and the EU. More troop deployments to Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Norway are continuing.

It appears Secretary of State Tillerson and Secretary of Defense Mattis are at the forefront of foreign policy, and the MIC-controlled Senators McCain and Graham have not yet relented on pushing for a war to commence in Ukraine. Foreign policy should (with the first two individuals mentioned) not be delegated at this stage of the President’s term, as it is still in its infancy. Regarding the latter two, they should be removed from their offices and charged with treason. The U.S.-installed government in Kiev has been pushing the separatists in the Eastern provinces of Ukraine relentlessly, violating the Minsk accords of 2014 ceaselessly.

In the meantime, you are well aware of the missile tests, threats, and posturing by North Korea, and the U.S. moving assets into the area to “counter the threat.” The latter is viewed as an encroachment by China and Russia. To make matters worse, Senator McCain has been publicly insulting Kim Jung-Un. One would think that McCain has done enough damage already and should be prevented from doing any more. Because of Obama, our relations with the Philippines are a shambles, and China’s strength in the region has been increasing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What I am seeing, looking at the world situation, is very much like that archetypal dream of witnessing a slow-motion train wreck which one is incapable of stopping, despite one's best efforts.

So the best advice I can give our readers and radio listeners is, please don't panic: plan.

This means having long-term, storable food and water with you; extra medications for yourselves and your pets; and having a bug-out kit, and plans about how to get yourself away from mass areas of panic or hurt, should it come to that.

You also need to find a way of protecting yourself and your family with which you are comfortable, because if people even suspect that you are prepping, they will want to tear down your door, and loot your supplies from you in a heartbeat.

Find like-minded friends in your community with whom you can work, and barter.

A really excellent prepper newsletter comes from a very sage lady by the name of Daisy Luther, and you will get tips for prepping, and yes, a little advertising as well. But if you are new to the concept, what she has to say can be invaluable.

Mike sees only two possible, ultimate outcomes from all that is going on; either a world war, or a complete collapse of the US economy, and a collapse of the Federal government, none of which would be pleasant scenarios through which to have to survive.

But looking at the magnitude of what is going on, survival will be the name of the game, and most probably in relatively short order.