BREAKING: Bombed Syrian Sharyat air base ‘back in operation’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

BREAKING: Bombed Syrian Sharyat air base ‘back in operation’

This information – which appears to be true – suggests that Russian claims that the US missile strike was ‘inefficient’ and that only 23 of the 59 cruise missiles launched reached their target, and that the main runway of the base is undamaged, are true.

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To sum up:

1. Based on an obvious false-flag that nobody believes, Trump launched about $90 million worth of Tomahawk Cruise missiles at the Shayrat Air Base in Syria.

2. Out of 59 missiles, only 23 actually hit the base, with most of those hitting the outskirts of the base and doing no real damage.

3. 18 people were killed on the base, including Russian personnel. Many died fighting the fires rather than in the attack itself.

4. Nine planes were destroyed, six of them 1960s vintage MIG-23s.

5. The remaining 37 cruise missiles hit civilian targets including the villages of Shayrat, Al-Hamrat, and Al-Manzul, killing more civilians, including children!

So Trump, in his faux fury over the faux Assad crime of killing civilians and children ... is killing civilians and children.

6. And the base is back in operation.



Re: this was a farce



Ethan Allen and...

It was an aircraft salvage yard for decommissioned aircraft. They take out any parts that are still good,engines ect.and then they cut the planes up and resmelt the aluminum. They did do some repair work.Most of the planes the US is claiming they destroyed were stripped out hulks. They did get several 40+ year old Mig-23's.This was a farce!

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