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Poison Intell: Update

Many in the US feel betrayed by recent bellicosity against Syria, which may, yet again, have been based on a False Flag narrative, enriching psychopaths, neocons and arms suppliers.

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I, too, am old enough to remember classmates of mine who did not come back from Vietnam alive, or only came back partially, besieged by the physical and mental wounds of war.


yeah..viet nam


a war created to hide the seismic exploration of the south china sea..it took ten years to map.
as soon as the mapping was finished the war was declared ..."over"

after the war, the rockefeller's standard oil company.. snapped up all the best spots from the newly formed..viet nam government..

50,000 dead Americans.. and enormous debt so that the rockefellers could get the jump on the best oil leases in the south china sea..

that's what kind of country we have become.. at the mercy of multinational corporations.. who whip us into wars for their own profits.

the rockies and the rothies are connected at the hip.

corporations stink

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