Cop Ordered to Pay $415K of Own Money to Family of Unarmed Teen He Killed | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Cop Ordered to Pay $415K of Own Money to Family of Unarmed Teen He Killed

An encouraging end to a tragic story comes out of Arkansas this week after a former Little Rock police officer was found liable in the shooting death of 15-year-old boy in 2012. What sets this case apart from the myriad of other civil cases in which police officers are found responsible for killing, beating, and depriving people of their rights, is that this cop was held personally responsible — and will have to pay the victim’s family using his own assets, not the taxpayers.

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This sets a good precedent. If cops know they can be held personally liable, they will not be quite so ready to pull the trigger without making sure their target is a real threat.


Re: This sets a good precedence


(*yeah , to bad there wasn't an international war crimes court that would slap a US POTUS , or other world dictator , with a $415K fine for each civilian casulty they incur . Maybe something like that would make world oppressors think twice about their stock market portfolios , and look at their trophy wives , princess daughters , well bred inlaws , and all their private sector real estate holdings , and think , at long last; "Cheese , I had a good run" ! )

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