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'Nobody's got to use the internet,' argues idiot congressman in row over ISP privacy rules

Faced with an angry citizen asking why he had voted away their online privacy rights, US House Rep Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) had a remarkable answer: you don't have to use the internet if you don't like it.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Wisconsin on Friday, the Republican legislator was asked about his vote to kill off proposed information safeguards – a move that effectively gave American ISPs the green light, as well as the right, to sell subscribers' sensitive personal details without requiring their consent or even having to inform them.

The voter disputed the Republican line that ISPs should not have to deal with stricter rules than companies like Google or Facebook, arguing that: "Facebook is not comparable to an ISP. I do not have to go on Facebook. I don't have to go on Google. My ISP provider is different than those providers."

Sensenbrenner's response? "Nobody's got to use the internet."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear Wisconsinites: this man is a complete embarrassment to every voter in the state.

If this man is running against a donkey in the next election, please vote for the donkey; it will, assuredly, give you a better outcome in terms of personal rights.


burned his own senses


Sensenbrenner -
Sensen translated are sickles 'brenner = burner', but what perfect English/German combination = senses burner.

Obviously as an old guy, he has not kept up with the times, nor fully entered the 21st century. Maybe there should be an age limit to political careers. Certainly folks like McCain, Sensenbrenner, Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters, Hellary all show their lack of comprehension.

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