Passage of Health Care = IRS + YOUR Medical Records! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Passage of Health Care = IRS + YOUR Medical Records!

One of the unconstitutional provisions of this proposed legislative abortion called health care reform is the mandate that all Americans must buy health insurance.

If someone doesn’t buy health insurance they WILL be subject to fines and/or penalties.

The way the government is going to collect these fines/penalties is by use of IRS enforcement – not exactly what the mission of this powerful Federal agency is.

The only way the IRS can establish whether or not you have the “big brother” mandated health insurance is to check your medical records!

Even with electronic medical records as the “source documents” for establishing non-compliance, the job of discovering these “violations” will be impossible unless our doctors, clinics and hospitals become “mandated reporters” – seek treatment, have no insurance and the health care provider will send an “electronic signal” to the IRS and in addition to your medical problems, you are going to suffer real pain!