BOOM!! Protesters INTERRUPT Trump Assassination Play – RUSH STAGE — Screaming “Goebbels Would Be Proud! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

BOOM!! Protesters INTERRUPT Trump Assassination Play – RUSH STAGE — Screaming “Goebbels Would Be Proud!


The Shakespeare in the Park rendition of Julius Caesar is still scheduled to play this weekend in Central Park after the shooting of GOP Rep. Scalise by a devout Bernie Sanders supporter.

This year’s play “Julius Caesar” depicts President Donald Trump’s assassination.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am a big First Amendment supporter.

That having been said, when art crosses the line into open advocacy of the assassination of a sitting president, that is not only wrong; it is also illegal.

Threatening a sitting President of the United States is Illegal.


Threatening a sitting


Threatening a sitting President of the United States is Illegal.

(*unless they were handing out programs that encouraged assassination , the play is NOT encouraging any assassination attempts . Being that you may be Republican , I can understand the sentiment . What I can never get behind is once a Republican is in office , it seems to become Knock Off The Bovine Excrament , The New President Is A No Nonsence Hard @$$ , Regan got the hostages released , or so it was played to appear , for the affect of you don't want to screw with this M_R F_R
Bush2 had the Reich style flag waving pagentry , that worked , on me , anyway , to keep quiet about what I was thinking happened that day
Trump has Fake NEWS , on one hand , and a desire to create a sterile , squeeky clean , nothing wrong here impression , on the other , and the chop shop for any dissidence towards him , and in a moment of clarity , and honesty , no matter how far one is willing to carry water for him , you'd agree that I'm. right , because as an American , I know , you know , it's still WE THE PEOPLE

George Bush assassination film wins top award


(*no animals hurt in the making of this film . no potus' either . no body , unless someone took the words of a right winged pundent to mean It's Open Season On Liberals , and went postal ,
nobody was hurt in the Julius Ceasar play either . Opinions differ , being able to express them is What Makes America Great , regardless of who's President and once we're talking about 'a line' that the crossing of which merits censorship , We're Talking Censorship !
Same rule applies , you dont like it , don't watch it .
For the record I don't endorse the use of assassination on Trump , and advised against wishing it on Bush , too , so I'd. appreciste , when authors use the term 'All Liberals' , around here , they start including the foot note disclaimer; "Except Old_Logan" !)



(*Kathie Griffen's photoshopped image , that appeared as her beheading the president , is still available in the photos area in duck duck go , it wasn't censored , because this is still America . She got a good whollopping of social persecution , because of the outcry , of people who feel she crossed the line .
Megan Kelly and Alex Jones got censored because some liberal pr_ _k decided , for us , that the interview crossed the line
The Dixy Chix suffered an extreem amount of mob rules social persecution , whipped up by the So Called liberal media for expressing dissapointment in George W Bush coming from Texas
Records by The Chix were encouraged to be burnt , at open air locations , because somebody felt her small female voiced comment , crossed the line
Still , America didnt censor , CDs by The Dixy Chix were still available for retail purchase ,cand once more people realized that Bush wasca disapointment to The Lone Star State , the sales took a positive bump
Hank Williams Jr Are You Ready For Football jingle got dropped from ESPNs opening sequence for Monday Night Football , for saying something to the effect of Obama playing a round of golf with John Boehner was equivelent to Netanyahu and Hitler golfing together , when asked to explain , Williams replied Obama and Biden were the enemy . Dropping the jingle was censorship , somebody felt it Crossed The Line , but they replaced the opening song , and to heck with the outcry from patrons of the program , and that's what I see as wrong with censorship .
We should never favor it , because the times it happens to anger you , ie. Kelly/Jones , you find yourself recalling how just the week before , you favored it .
I keep thinking Trump reminds me of a neandathol , and would like to post THIS IMAGE>>> , to illustrate my point , but I refrain , because , In The Trump Era of Political Correctness Being Bad For America ,and censoring anything political amounts to the censored item NOT being Politically Correct , I have to worry about the social persecution I might get , as we find , in addition to being naive , he's also kind of sensitive .)

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