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The Article Cash4Gold Doesn't Want You To Read

We were unaware of the post when it went up, but Cash4Gold was already on our radar. We wrote about them in October, after Rob Cockerham's Cockeyed blog posted an item about Cash4Gold offering an individual $60 for gold that a local pawnshop valued at $198. When the gold owner called Cash4Gold to complain, the company rep immediately nearly tripled the offer to $178.

A few weeks afterward, Cockerham got two emails from a marketing consultant working with Cash4Gold. The consultant wanted to know if Cockerham would agree to a "financial arrangement" to "de-optimize" his post so it wouldn't appear so high on Google - or just take the post down for "a few thousand dollars." Cockerham didn't take the consultant up on the offer, but did post both emails on his site. Various media outlets, including ours, ran the story.