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Disastrous Capitalism – But Is a U.K. Labour Government the Solution?

Consider the Grenfell Tower inferno as an expression of a new kind of class war, but not a class war as we have known it–between organised workers, political parties and capital–but between ordinary citizens and the local fiefdoms of the capitalist state as increasingly, big business has taken over the running of what’s left of our public and collective life, through ‘outsourcing’, public-private-partnerships and what have you, where making a profit is the bottom line, not serving the public.[1]

Worse still, in order to justify this thievery on a national/international scale that runs to trillions, the state and its partner the corporate/state media, has had to resort to the ‘trusted’ Victorian method of blaming the victim for their own poverty, their own shortcomings, their own misery. Ergo, Grenfell.

Hence Grenfell Tower is an entirely predictable end product of the neoliberal agenda, just as flattening Syria is a product of the same sociopathic ideology. Or flattening the NHS for that matter.

Hence it’s also no surprise that a person like Corbyn would come along at the same juncture in space and time as Grenfell this utterly ruthless but totally incompetent ruling class has dumped on us and done it in the name of democracy.

Depressingly, it seems Corbyn is all we’ve got right now and he’s glued to the Labour Party, so we really have to ask ourselves at this critical juncture; can a Labour government deliver us from evil or will we just get a slightly different kind of evil instead?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Brits seem to be in as much of a quandary over these kinds of issues as are their American cousins.

But the first thing that needs to happen to the people who managed Grenfell Tower is a forensic audit, showing where every bit of money they collected, from every resource, actually went.

The money was obviously never put into the building to make it more safe; the original building engineering was totally lousy, in order to "value engineer" it to be constructed as cheaply as possible, and to hold as many people as humanly possible, in small, cramped spaces.