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Putin bolsters oil, defense ties with Venezuela

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited Venezuela on Friday to discuss oil, defense and nuclear energy cooperation with Latin America’s main leftist foe of the United States, President Hugo Chavez.

They were to launch a $20 billion venture between Russian firms and Venezuelan state company PDVSA to pump 450,000 barrels a day — almost a fifth of the OPEC member’s current output — from the vast Orinoco heavy oil belt.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A note to the US State Department: Russia and China have been making deals to insure energy stability for their respective countries.

What has the US been doing in that regard? Waging wars, those writ large on the radar screen, like Iraq and Afghanistan, plus the proxy wars in places like Somalia we don't hear all that much about. And don't forget; when it comes to energy, Africa is the new Middle East in terms of untapped resources.

As reported in:


"In its FY 2011 budget request for security assistance programs for Africa, the Obama administration is asking for $38 million for the Foreign Military Financing program to pay for U.S. arms sales to African countries."

Forgive me, but the model of making deals rather than waging wars to secure energy resources makes infinitely more sense to me.

But again, that would be logical.