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Is Trump Spear-Heading a Bluff on North Korea?

If you want to radically change the dynamic then you have to apply extreme pressure. I feel this is what Trump and his advisors are doing. They are appearing to “have the strength to force the moment to its crisis” to quote T.S. Eliot.

And that strength or purpose is creating large movements. Trump is a bully. It’s what he does, at least publicly. The response so far from China has been to denounce the idea of regime change in Pyongyang.

The response from Russia, through Foreign Minister (and top diplomat in the world right now), Sergei Lavrov was to announce a deal brokered between it, North Korea and China to get what Trump wants; no potential for nukes in North Korea.

"Russia together with China developed a plan which proposes 'double freezing': Kim Jong-un should freeze nuclear tests and stop launching any types of ballistic missiles, while US and South Korea should freeze large-scale drills which are used as a pretext for the North’s tests."
While also getting China what it wants, no regime change. Lavrov also insists that this is also academic as Russia insists that North Korea does not have a nuclear weapon.

I don’t think that matters much to Trump. I think he sees this as the start to a global draw-down on nuclear weapons going forward. But, it would also mean that he has to put paid his promise at his inauguration that the U.S. would no longer seek to change the government it doesn’t like.

Here is his golden opportunity to then make a deal to do just that.


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