This evening Trump will announce a new "path forward" in the occupation of Afghanistan. According to the usual leaks it will be very same path the U.S. has taken for 16 years.

Several thousands soldiers from the U.S. and various NATO countries will (in vane) train the Afghan army. Special Forces and CIA goons will raid this or that family compound on someone's say-so. Bombs will be dropped on whatever is considered a target.

Trump will announce that 1,000 or so troops will be added to the current contingent. About 15,000 foreign troops will be in Afghanistan. About three contractors per each soldier will be additionally deployed.

Trump knows that this "path forward" is nonsense that leads nowhere, that the best option for all foreign troops in Afghanistan is to simply leave:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump - 21 Nov 2013
We have wasted an enormous amount of blood and treasure in Afghanistan. Their government has zero appreciation. Let's get out!
But neither the military nor the CIA nor the local Afghan government will let the U.S. leave. Fear mongering is abound: "What happens if Afghanistan becomes a hotbed for international terrorists?" But few if any international terrorist incident in the "west" were ever organized in Afghanistan. In all recent incidents the culprits were locals.

For the military it is all about optics. The generals do not want to concede that they lost another war. The CIA wants to keep is militarized forces and drones which it justifies through its engagement in Afghanistan. The drug production in Afghanistan, which the U.S. never really tried to suppress, is rumored to finance "black" CIA operations just like it did during the Vietnam war and throughout various South American conflicts. The members of the Afghan government all live off U.S. largess. The war in Afghanistan is a racket paid for with the lives of countless Afghans and U.S. taxpayer money.

Now tightly under control of neo-conservative leaning generals Trump had little chance to make a different decision. He had asked his team for alternatives but none were given to him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am deeply disappointed in President Trump's decision here.

He knows better; he understands that this new "surge" will be absolutely no different than all the surges before this in the last 16 years.

And in this decision, he has failed the American people in a spectacular fashion, and has guaranteed much more blood and money will be lost.

His military advisors, that unholy trinity of Mc Masters, Mattis, and Kelly, have betrayed him, in the name of "optics"; in their dystopian view, that another US war cannot be viewed as "lost" is more important than doing the right thing for the American people, which would be to withdraw US and NATO troops as quickly as safely possible, then negotiatewith whatever government is left standing in Kabul for the oil pipeline and mineral rights.

That Sec Def Mattis signed off on this just puzzles me intensely; I know that this man is absolutely lionized by every military person who has served under his command, but to tell the President that this is his only, highest and best, option in Afghanistan?!?

Something is just not right with this.


just another teeniewienie disapointment


(*no biggie !
we still have the sheeple support , those who used to get the NEWS spoonfed to them from the corporate cable and network channels , that may have started to check out the indepemdent sources around the 2016 election season . When they were watching TV NEWS , they were hearing what tin hat wearing Bush haters we were How we were Tin Hatting Sandy Hook , and The Boston Marathon bombing .
When they switched over they were just in time for Trump mania , and the spoonfeeding hand switched from left , to right , and Hillary Clinton and The Obama Whitehouse being the evil incarnate that has been plaguing Washington since the JFK Assassination , that the imdependent Republican Shill media , as it is right now would; Yes! Yes! little lamb Hillary and Obama DID Assassinate JFK , RFK , MLK , took a pot-shot at Reagan , cooked up the false intel that caused Bush to wrongly go into Iraq , and are plotting another kill-shot for Trump , while at the same time completely emmitting any talk of Cheney/Bush foul play involvement in 9/11 events .
Just like the popular Right Wing grievance that immigrants are being first in line , sometimes it seems to me that the sheeple get the priority treatment ,around here , especially if there wise decision to watch FOX , Hannity , and O'Reilly and listening to Professor Limbaugh cronical the good work Cheney and Bush were doing , and the discriminative war decisions they made in the aftermath , who now realize I knew you were drinking Kool-Aid when you were telling us all those bad things about those two strong leaders , your website supports Trump , hates the evil left incarnates from The Democrats who have messed everything up since JFK ,and plus , I've never heard Trump , or your tin hat website mention Bush or Cheney when the Drain The Swamp subject comes up .
But there is a war for their minds , and what's a little ommitted information when The Party's At Stake ?
Alot of The Sheeple will never vote democrat ever again in their lives , so shhhhh... we wouldn't want to wake them)

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