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Venezuelan Collapse? Wishful Thinking? Caracas Oil Deals with Russia and China

So, Venezuela seems to have been set up to fall and become a collapsed state, after which it can be “saved” by the opposition, backed by western credit and thus, return it to its preordained status as a ‘backyard’ vegetable!

As for its OPEC partners, they are watching from the sidelines, drooling at the prospect of Venezuelan oil going off the market and triggering the, oft prayed for, spike in oil prices.

All the above assumes that Venezuela is a docile nation, population wise and government wise. That it doesn’t have the wherewithal to survive, the will power to resist or the intelligence to think outside the box – especially as it is deemed cornered, with the odds heavily stacked against it.

But the facts are different, and Venezuela has reacted. Initially, by borrowing from China and Russia against oil deliveries, but more importantly, it was recently announced that it had consigned its oil sales to Rosneft, the Russian oil and gas giant, who has so far sold the entire Venezuelan oil production until December, including sales to major US oil companies and refineries. This a smart move, that guarantees Venezuelan oil is neither embargoed, seized nor are its payments withheld.

Additionally, Venezuela continues to sell some of its oil assets (upstream and downstream) to Russia and China and hence ensuring proper funding for its oil operations.

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