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Worst Box Office In 25 Years: Hollywood’s Problems Are Permanent & Deep

Even before this catastrophic Labor Day weekend is factored in (more on this below), the domestic 2017 box office is in hideous shape. This year is –6.3% behind 2016 and continues to fall behind 2015, 2013, and 2012.
If you figure in inflation, those numbers are even worse. For example, in 2012 the average ticket cost $7.96. Today it is almost a full dollar more at $8.89. Yeah, things are that bad and will look even worse on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

While studio executives will likely scream that content piracy is killing their business, the fact is that people do not have money to go to movies, and modern "value-engineered" theaters are not the pleasant experience they once were.

Add to that the fact that the "political correcting" of Hollywood has resulted in the most creative and independent thinkers being driven out of the industry, with Hollywood falling back on endless remakes and sequels, with very few truly original films being made these days.

One needs to remember the lesson of the original Star Trek (currently being re-run with new CGI on BBC). Compared to today's spin-offs, the production quality of the original series is quite primitive. But what made that show a huge success among young people were the scripts that openly challenged the social conventions of the day. This was a show that made people think about the society they lived in. Roddenberry understood that moving the setting for controversial stories to outer space made them politically "safe" (for at least the three years the original series ran).

Today's much of Hollywood is cowed by our government and Israel's government and corporate interest, and as a result dares not step out of line with the establishment. Hence the endless "video game" fare now being produced.

Oddly enough, Hollywood's lack of spine has allowed television to actually take the lead in producing original thought-provoking shows that keep people in their homes and out of theaters; shows such as "Game of Thrones", "The Borgias", and "Westworld."


No tears shed by me.


Sorry, I've given up on the 'Entertainment medi' many years ago.
If never another movie or TV show is made, I shall not miss it.
Movies - endless rehash of old themes, just done more poorly than the previous flick. TV - hardly much better -
I refuse to pay money for what the 'entertainment' industry tries to cram down the public's throats.

Give me a good book, any day. So, unless the powers that be burn them all, look for me with my nose in a book.

when one rarely goes to the movies


(*one turns the recreation of cinematic viewing into a rare treat and an example that comes to mind would be Hollywood's annihilation of Steven Kings Dark Tower . An eight volumed epic in modern American literature , reduced to a comical romp through the special effects contractor's pallet .
Considering how Liberal the political landscape is alleged to be , and , admittedly , the frustration with Trump , Liberal author Steven King tends to vent on Twitter , why would Liberal Holliwood shishkabob King's work so robustly ?
Moreover , appreciators of Kings literary works , may have to suffer through two more cinegraphic disaters , and a couple of years of TV series installments , before they can expect the announcement of a re-do , which promises to depict the actual 'fictional' events readers read eight rather thick volumes , that came out over a rather elongated period to conclude , to relive through integral cinematography application)

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