The US-Pakistan Standoff: Trump’s “Anti-Pakistan Strategy” is Directed against China and Russia | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The US-Pakistan Standoff: Trump’s “Anti-Pakistan Strategy” is Directed against China and Russia

Beijing showed support to Pakistan right after Trump’s Afghanistan speech saying the country has made great sacrifices in the fight against terrorism. China’s foreign minister who was already in Pakistan on a visit agreed with Pakistani officials to maintain high level military, security and economic cooperation.

China’s “One Belt, One Road” project pumping US$ 55 billion into neighbor is alone a magnet to Pakistan’s Government. The US is opposed to China almost equally to Russia for disputed Islands in the South China Sea as well as its claims of standing by North Korea in the event of war with the US.

On the part of Russia, Moscow’s special envoy for South Asia Zemir Kabulov asserted China’s stance saying putting pressure on Pakistan may seriously destabilize regional security situation and result in costly consequences for Afghanistan. He reacted to the US’s Strategy on Pakistan that without Pakistan’s role, no solution lays for Afghan cul-de-sac. These remarks exploded extensively in Pakistan’s media. He suggested that unnecessary pressure on Pakistan may lead to further disarray and mess in Afghanistan.

Trump’s declaration of anti-Pakistani strategy caused a panic among Pakistani officials. In the wake of this speech, Pakistan’s foreign minister announced it would go on official visits to China, Russia and Turkey a week later. The purpose of trip, the ministry revealed, was a regional assembly in relation to peace-making in Afghanistan. He, however, also suggested that Pakistan [in a show of force] is conveying to the US that it possesses enough regional support and is not submitting to others’ enforced impulses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If President Trump wanted to push Pakistan into the Chinese/Russia economic/geopolitical orbit, he certainly did a fantastic job in doing that with his Afghanistan speech!!