UN to vote on watered-down new sanctions against North Korea | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

UN to vote on watered-down new sanctions against North Korea

The U.N. Security Council was scheduled to vote late Monday on a new, watered-down sanctions resolution against North Korea that eliminates initial U.S. demands to ban all oil imports to the country and freeze international assets of the government and its leader Kim Jong Un.

The draft resolution, agreed to late Sunday after final negotiations between the U.S. and China, the North's ally and main trading partner, also eliminates a U.S. proposal to authorize the use of force to board and inspect nine named ships, which it said violated previous U.N. sanctions resolutions.

The resolution to be voted on represents a swift response to North Korea's recent nuclear test, which it says was a hydrogen bomb, and to its escalating launches of increasingly sophisticated ballistic missiles it says can reach the United States.

But its provisions are a significant climb-down from the toughest-ever sanctions the Trump administration proposed in the initial draft resolution it circulated last Tuesday, especially on oil,where a complete ban could have crippled the country's economy.