VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi repeatedly slurs, flubs name of ‘Hamilton’ playwright | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi repeatedly slurs, flubs name of ‘Hamilton’ playwright

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke for less than six minutes from a prepared text, but she couldn’t get through her remarks without repeatedly slurring and flubbing the name of a liberal playwright being honored by the U.S. Capitol Historical Society.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the author of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton,” was at the Capitol on Tuesday to receive the Freedom Award.

As Pelosi spoke, she repeatedly had trouble saying his name, and while closing her remarks, called him Lin-Manuel “Madonna.”

Another time, she referred to him as “Ramanda.”

Other times, she seemed to have trouble speaking altogether.


Nasty Pelosi


No doubt, Nasty Pelosi is well past the expiration date, as are many other politicians who have figured out how to beat the system and get re-elected over and over no matter how dysfunctional they have become.

Just think McCain, Waters, Feinstein - all just ranting and rambling but still in positions influencing the political outcome.

Truly, TERM LIMITS are in order for ALL politicians.

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