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If North Korea Fires an ICBM, the US Might Have to Shoot It Down Over Russia

Missile-defense physics may require interceptors to fly into ‘the teeth of the Russian early warning net.’

If Pyongyang fires a missile at the United States, its most-likely trajectory would take it over the North Pole. A U.S. attempt to shoot down that missile would probably occur within Russian radar space — and possibly over Russia itself. “It’s something we’re aware of,” Gen. Lori Robinson, who leads both U.S. Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, said Wednesday. “It’s something we work our way through.”

By year’s end, the U.S. will have deployed 44 ground-based interceptors, or GBIs: 40 at Fort Greeley, Alaska, and four at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. If deterrence fails, those interceptors would be the last line of defense against a North Korean missile. Each incoming ICBM might be met with four or more GBIs.

Last week, Joshua Pollack told an audience at the annual Air Force Association conference in Washington D.C. that the most probable intercept route aims the U.S. GBI “into the teeth of the Russian early warning net.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Can someone please tell me, with an absolutely straight face, how such a missile strike is NOT going to be perceived as an act of war against Russia instead?!?

The Prof's math calcs may be "surgically correct"; but the potential optics, and intimations of a US generated war against Russia with such a stunt; holy crud and a half!!


In The Spirit Of


(*In the spirit of George W Bush words of absolute Democratic Freedom "You're Either For Us Or Against Us" , and the reality of the present , a President that has ensured that the majority of Americans , or his support base , that the choice for me is Yes! , I am FOR The Neocon Agenda and President Trump , then I encourage Kim Jong Un to do what it takes , to make this happen , because at this point there is no point in putting off the inevitable any longer . I was an "Against" when Bush issued his ultimatum , 16 years ago . We didn't change anything , sustained it through Obama , and now we have a President who has the majority supporting every move he makes .
Today , who can't see that Bush' famous remark never really a choice, and 16 years later we are a lot more susceptible to Muslim bigotry , and Flag over all else , and being Against puts me at odds with the majority , who feel this country is the only place on the planet that matters , gave up on space exploration , and has exhausted a majority of it's own resources , and did little or nothing to slow the neoconservative agenda down , or attempt to stop it , then Yes! President Trump I Am With You And For The Neocon Agenda , and all the war , and bloodshed that comes with it .
is that what you want to hear ?)

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