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Israel to approve construction of thousands of new settlement units

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to approve the construction of 3,300 new settlement units during the next meeting of the Civil Administration’s High Planning Committee, which is set to be held on 16 October, Israel’s Channel 7 has reported. Netanyahu made his pledge during a closed meeting on Wednesday with the leaders of the Yesha Council of the West Bank Settlements.

Although all of Israel’s settlements are built on occupied Palestinian territory and are illegal under international law, Netanyahu claims that the Trump administration is prepared to “tolerate” limited settlement building. He told the settlers’ group that he has succeeded in convincing Trump to drop its distinction between settlement blocs and so-called isolated settlements. The US President is, he added, almost ready to present a plan for the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Most of the settlement blocs are large built-up areas located near the Green (1949 Armistice) Line which separates the occupied West Bank from Israel. “Isolated” settlements are located in more far-flung areas of the West Bank and are surrounded by numerous Palestinian homes. They are mostly illegal even under Israeli law.

The Israeli leader also reiterated his promise to build 300 new homes in the settlement of Beit El, north of Ramallah. These will replace a number of homes in the settlement which were demolished in 2012.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Years ago, I warned both Fatah and Hamas that unless they stopped bickering, and presented a united front with which the Israeli government would have to peacefully negotiate the remaining amount of land in which a viable Palestine could exist, wouldn't even amount to the size of Lichtenstein.

And now, the way in which these settlements have been engineered, there can be no contiguous borders for Palestine, period, end of discussion.