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Tea party' vs. opponents: 'Low-grade civil war' on tax day?

In towns large and small on Thursday, which is tax day, tea partyers are planning to march against big government – and the rhetoric is getting heated as counterdemonstrators mobilize. Some agents provocateurs say they’ll crash the tea parties, and the threat of fisticuffs and worse is hanging in the air.

Both sides have been fueled by the Internet's churning of partisan, even extreme, politics. One commenter, a tea-party supporter, recently warned of a looming "low-grade civil war

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The real "agents provocateurs" in these protests are most likely going to be government goons, attempting to make people who protest appear violent, and will advocate violence against property and people.

Civil dissent, expressed as protest gatherings, is one of the most cherished cornerstones of this country's philosophical foundations; the sense of anger and betrayal Americans are feeling at a government gone insane with its own power, are completely legitimate.