Report: Ivanka Trump Already Planning Post-Washington Life | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Report: Ivanka Trump Already Planning Post-Washington Life

Ivanka and Kushner were once very active in President Trump’s day-to-day decision-making. However, now that John Kelly is White House Chief-of-Staff, Trump’s eldest daughter and son-in-law have been relegated to more of an advocacy role, doing things like hosting dinners, speaking with supporters, and meeting with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in an effort to further Trump’s agenda. To be sure, those are important things – but Ivanka and Kushner are no longer members of the administrative inner circle like they used to be.

Furthermore, the pair have been meeting with some of the country’s top executives regarding job programs, private partnerships, and infrastructure, suggesting that they’re already planning for the future. What those plans are, of course, remain to be seen – but at least one person seems to think Ivanka is planning to follow in her father’s political footsteps.