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Omaha Violence Finds Ashford Ready for National Guard

He knows it sounds like a last resort but when it comes to stopping the violence in Omaha, Nebraska’s top crime fighting lawmaker seriously wonders if it’s time to call out the National Guard.

Ashford does not foresee the Guard acting as an extension of the Omaha Police Department’s (OPD) gang fighting unit but says the Guard could assist in “traffic control” freeing up other officers to concentrate on the shoot-outs. According to OPD the Nebraska State Patrol is already lending a hand but Ashford tells Nebraska Watchdog that budget cuts at the State Patrol may limit what troopers can do.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are going to see more and more articles of this nature, "grooming" the American public to accept military troops in American cities to "keep the peace", as the economic situation continues to deteriorate.