The Saudi blockade of Yemen is starving kids and killing thousands, so why is Washington still defending it? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Saudi blockade of Yemen is starving kids and killing thousands, so why is Washington still defending it?

Yemen is considered the world’s worst humanitarian disaster by the U.N.

Now, at this point, you may be thinking, “This is shocking, but ultimately not surprising. The Middle East is a chaotic and violent place, and it has been for some time. What’s happening in Yemen is an extension of the broader Sunni vs. Shiite conflict, and while it’s incredibly tragic, this is a regional conflict that we as Americans obviously can’t solve.”

True enough, but here’s the thing: That Saudi-led coalition is made possible by Washington. The blockade is happening with our government’s endorsement, and the entire Saudi intervention is happening with our government’s material and intelligence support. Washington is selling the Saudis weapons, refueling their bombers, planning their flights and using our Navy to bolster the blockade in Yemen’s ports. Ending U.S. support wouldn’t magically make Yemen peaceful, but it would let in the food and medicine ordinary people desperately need.

This all started under former President Obama, but Trump seems perfectly happy to maintain his predecessor’s policy in this regard. In fact, on Monday he tweeted an enthusiastic endorsement of the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, who this past weekend consolidated his own power by arresting rival princes. The crown prince also happens to be the driving force behind Saudi action in Yemen, a stance that has earned him the nickname “Reckless” among other members of the Saudi royal family who are not so callous about Yemeni suffering.

Trump has no qualms about changing his mind as he sees fit, and he apparently delights in undoing Obama’s legacy. Yemen is a situation in which he must do both. U.S. support for the Saudi coalition’s war crimes is shameful, counterproductive and wrong. Monday’s blockade announcement should be the very last straw.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Prince Salman, the principal architect of this genocide, has many honorifics by which he is described, due to his damned good luck in having been born into the House of Saud; however, there is one which will haunt him to his grave and beyond, and that is the following: the Butcher of Yemen.

Yes I said it, and out loud. It is absolutely impossible not to say, looking at the ongoing carnage in Yemen.

As someone who loves people in general, and hates to see people hurting or suffering, I am thoroughly appalled and disgusted to see the US government enabling Saudi war crimes in Yemen. And yet, under President Trump's watch, this is precisely what I am seeing happening in Yemen.

In fact, I am surprised that the Saudi Arabian military hasn't carpet bombed the country, killing every single Yemeni infant, woman, and medically fragile elderly person still standing; but perhaps, that is what is to come, particularly if Saudi Arabia plans to go in to Lebanon to goad Iran into fighting for Lebanese integrity, so Saudi Arabia can declare war against it.