RT EXCLUSIVEBlaming Russia for everything is ‘insane’ & reminiscent of McCarthyism – Oliver Stone to RT | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

RT EXCLUSIVEBlaming Russia for everything is ‘insane’ & reminiscent of McCarthyism – Oliver Stone to RT

As the US continues to accuse Russia of meddling in its presidential election, RT has spoken to filmmaker Oliver Stone about the ongoing trend of blaming Moscow for everything – from hacking Western politics to planting bots on social media.
Speaking to RT's Sophie Shevardnadze, three-time Oscar winner Stone said the policy of blaming Russia for everything is irrational. "Of course, the United States scares me in the sense that it might lose its self-control and out of a sense of panic and fear, attack.”

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"This concept that Russia is responsible for everything is insane, but it’s very easy to resort to that kind of early 1950s primitivism like Joe McCarthy did."

He went on to cite the complete lack of evidence to prove that Russia "stole" the 2016 US presidential election. "It's descended to a moral order – immoral order – in which they accuse Russia of stealing the election when there's no evidence of it, first of all, no evidence at all. And if there was, why are we not really investigating it, why are we not investigating the computer at the DNC? The FBI never even bothered to investigate it."

RT's full interview with Oliver Stone will be broadcast on the December 4 episode of SophieCo.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Stone is entirely right in his assessment, but he doesn't quite go the extra analytical step; demonization of any country is generally a prelude to a war against it, as are inflicting sanctions for stuff a country never did, and in Russia's case, it DID NOT annex Crimea.

But Crimea's having held two referendums to first, determine if its people wanted to leave Ukraine in 2014, after the US sponsored putsch, then petitioning the Russian Federation to become a member, is not at all matching the US government's narrative that Russia "annexed Crimea", therefore, the US had the moral "justification" to punish it with sanctions.