Kiev Plans to Throw Deniers of “Russian Aggression” in Jail for 5 Years | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Kiev Plans to Throw Deniers of “Russian Aggression” in Jail for 5 Years

The People’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko is ready to register a bill to supplement the Criminal Code that suggests to impose criminal liability up to 5 years for the denial of “Russian aggression”.

“In order to protect the information space of Ukraine from Murayev’s activity and to use the force of law, today I signed a bill to supplement the Criminal Code of Ukraine with Article 442-1, which I suggest to impose criminal liability (up to 5 years of imprisonment) for public denial of the fact of the Russian Federation’s military aggression against Ukraine. Tomorrow I will register this bill in the Verkhovna Rada and I suggest to put it on the agenda,” wrote Gerashchenko on his page on Facebook.

Gerashchenko noted that currently statements denying the fact of “Russian aggression” aren’t punishable under law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

People’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko, a word, please: how, precisely, are you going to define this "alleged Russian aggression", and do you have any comprehension how lousy the optics will be, around the world, should this legislation move forward?!?

Sir, this is "thought crime" writ large, and I would, very politely, suggest that you walk away from this, and right the heck now.

The only possible reasonable resolution to the tensions between Moscow and Kiev, will be have to be negotiated, in good faith, between both countries.

You certainly understand the concept of the "olive branch"; a way of intelligently reaching out to a geopolitical antagonist and recreating a sense of trustworthiness by your gesture.

Surely Kiev and Moscow, after their long histories, must have a way of accomplishing this; because if it is not achieved, the only solution left will be war. I am certain that you have seen, as the rest of the world has seen, Russia's rousing success in Syria, with both their military strategies, and weaponry.

Is Ukraine in a place, sir, where they can compete with that, militarily, in their military history?!?

Sir, I am just saying....