Legislation Seeks to Ban Campus Free Speech ‘Zones’ and ‘Codes’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Legislation Seeks to Ban Campus Free Speech ‘Zones’ and ‘Codes’

Kurtz explained the Goldwater bill in an interview with Breitbart News:

We’ve put out what I think is the most comprehensive and toughest bill on campus free speech. What this bill does is ban so-called “free speech codes,” and “free speech zones,” as it also discourages administrators from disinviting controversial speakers who have already been invited by students and faculty members. That’s what most of the other model bills do. But, what the Goldwater model adds to all that is insistence on punishment for students who shout down visiting speakers, or rip down posters for the talk that a speaker is going to give, or in any way interfere with the free speech rights of others.

Right now, that’s really the heart and soul of the free speech crisis. Even though I think it’s absolutely essential that we ban these free speech zones and these restrictive speech codes, if you were to do all of that today, and still let these shout-downs take place, I think we’d still have a campus free speech crisis.