Medic at Guantanamo hearing says Khadr chained to door | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Medic at Guantanamo hearing says Khadr chained to door

A former U.S. Army combat medic testified Monday that he once found Canadian teen captive Omar Khadr chained by the arms to the door of a five-foot-square cage at a U.S. lock-up in Afghanistan, hooded and weeping.

Pentagon prosecutors called M, who treated Khadr's injuries twice daily in Afghanistan until Khadr was transferred to Guantanamo, to defend Khadr's treatment as humane. M's testimony, however, was the first by a government witness to corroborate a portion of an affidavit Khadr drew up describing abusive treatment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are many problems with US agents torturing prisoners of war for "confessions" which are simply intended to be propaganda rants to justify continued military aggression against certain groups of people who just happen to be living over natural resources the US government wants to claim as "ours".

First, by so doing, the US has, for all practical intents and purposes, withdrawn from every human rights treaty to which it has ever been a signatory.

Secondly, no US politicians or citizen can ever speak again about how the US loves human dignity and human rights with a straight face when we torture.

And third (all you with family serving the US military, please pay attention here), when the US tortures prisoners of war to extract "confessions", it gives carte blanche to any hostile foreign country to do precisely the same.