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Israel says talks to fail as US envoy visits

Indirect talks with the Palestinians are doomed to failure, Israel said on Wednesday just hours before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was to meet the US envoy over the stalled peace process.

"This won't work ... indirect talks, proximity talks will not yield results," Intelligence Minister and deputy prime minister Dan Meridor said in remarks published on the front page of the Jerusalem Post.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to US Middle East Envoy George Mitchell: please, come home, and stay home. Stop wasting even more of US taxpayers' dollars on these frequent flights to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem: they are of utterly no use.

Israel doesn't want peace; it wants territory by any means necessary, which is why we are seeing the beginning of the brisk Israeli annexation of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, and the forcible expulsion of Palestinians from those areas to Gaza.

Because the US government steadfastly refuses to pull the plug on the 3 billion dollars' worth of aid it gives an intransigent Israel annually (while homeless Vets sleep in our streets) the US has no real leverage left for dealing effectively with Israel.