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DOD Issued a $7 Million Cloud Support Contract To a Company With One Employee

The Defense Department awarded a sole-source contract to Eagle Harbor Solutions, an Alaska-based small business with a single employee, to consult in its major cloud acquisition.

A two-year-old company with one employee and little past performance will play a supporting role in one of the Defense Department’s most important tech acquisitions of the year.

In late January, the Defense Department awarded a $7 million sole-source contract to Eagle Harbor Solutions LLC, an Alaska Native-owned 8(a) small disadvantaged business, to support the Pentagon’s enterprise cloud initiative. For months, the Defense Department has been laying the groundwork to bid out a contract for enterprisewide cloud computing services that could be worth billions.

Yet the decision to hire a consultancy to provide support services in the Pentagon’s execution of its Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud initiative is less surprising than who it was awarded to.

According to a Jan. 18 contract in the Federal Procurement Data System, Eagle Harbor Solutions was incorporated in Anchorage, Alaska, has one employee and an annual revenue of $91,005. The federal contracting database and indicate Eagle Harbor Solutions has received two other recently awarded contracts, one of which was to an Interior Department office for cloud migration services, for a total of $1.8 million.

In a press release, the company—created in November 2016 with an office in Chantilly, Virginia—said it will provide the Defense Department “a full range of infrastructure engineering, software engineering, acquisition, strategic communications, business operations, cost estimation, and budgetary expertise.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me, but how can this little Alaskan company do all they are expected to do with only 1 employee?!?

And no discernable track record or proven expertise in this area?!?

What about professional references?!?

This is rather akin to throwing darts blindfolded, and hoping that some of them will actually hit the target!!