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We Are Surrounded’: 21 Terrorist Organizations Active in Afghanistan

Although they are the most notorious, the Taliban and Daesh are not the only terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan. In an interview with Sputnik, deputy spokesman of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense Mohammad Radmanesh explained that there are some 20 similar terrorist groups in the country and described how they appeared in Afghanistan.

"Besides the Taliban and Daesh, there are other terrorist groups in Afghanistan, such as Lashkare Taiba [the Army of God, one of largest and most active groups in Southern Asia], Jamiat-i-Islami [the Islamic Congress, an Islamist political party in Pakistan], Goruhe Torkestane Sharqi [Islamic Movement of East Turkistan, a Uigur militant group that seeks to create an independent Islamist state in Xinjiang], Al-Qaeda, Jamaat Ansarullah [an extremist organization from Tajikistan], and Hezbe Tahrike Eslami [Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, an Uzbek terrorist group], as well as other groups from South Asia and Pakistan, which play a primary role in violations of security in the region," Ramanesh said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, the domestic Afghan military is utterly impotent to stop this; but so are US and NATO troops incapable of preventing this infiltration.