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Trump Administration Says 2001 AUMF Authorizes Endless Iraq, Syria Presence

New letters from the State and Defense Departments lay out the case, such as it is. The arguments in both letters are very similar. The 2002 AUMF for Iraq doesn’t have any caveats. It just says Iraq is a threat, and that means the US can do whatever they want to, with, or in Iraq. Syria, where the US is not only not invited, but troops are said to be there to advance regime change, is a lot trickier.

The argument is that because ISIS still sort of exists, the US can keep troops in Syria just in case ISIS becomes a serious threat, and while there, any time Syria forces get kind of close, the US can attack them “in self-defense.”

Both letters confirmed the US is making no attempts to claim attacking Syria’s government is covered directly by either AUMF. Rather, the AUMF was enough to get the US troops there in the first place, and having gotten them there, fighting Syrian forces who don’t want them there only comes naturally. With regard to the April 2017 attack on Syria with cruise missiles, the State Department argued the Constitution gives the president authority to do that if he thinks it’s in the national interest.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Trump has proven himself a far cry from Candidate Trump, who suggested that these endless, immoral, extraconstitutional confrontations should be ended, and gave us hope that the War Party was losing its influence in the Bowels of Power in DC.

Not so; and now President Trump is doubling down in Afghanistan as well:

Trump's Aimless War in Afghanistan Expands- Again